Upholstery Steam Cleaning

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What is Upholstery Steam Cleaning & why should you get your Upholstery Steam Cleaned?

Upholstery steam cleaning, also known as upholstery steam cleaning or hot water extraction, is a method of cleaning upholstered furniture and fabric surfaces using hot water and specialized cleaning equipment. This process involves the following steps:

  1. Pre-inspection: The upholstery is inspected to identify any stains, spots, or areas of concern that may require special attention.
  2. Pre-vacuuming: Loose dirt, dust, and debris are removed from the upholstery using a vacuum cleaner equipped with an upholstery attachment.
  3. Pre-treatment: A pre-treatment solution is applied to the upholstery to break down and loosen stains, dirt, and grime.
  4. Steam cleaning: Hot water and cleaning solution are sprayed onto the upholstery at high pressure. This helps dislodge dirt and stains from the fabric.
  5. Extraction: The hot water and cleaning solution, along with the dislodged dirt and stains, are immediately extracted using a powerful vacuum. This leaves the upholstery clean and relatively dry.
  6. Post-inspection: After cleaning, the upholstery is inspected again to ensure that all stains and dirt have been effectively removed.
  7. Drying: The upholstery is allowed to air dry, and fans may be used to expedite the drying process.

Now, let’s explore why you should consider steam cleaning upholstery:

  1. Deep cleaning: Upholstery steam cleaning is highly effective at removing dirt, allergens, dust mites, and stains that may be deeply embedded in the fabric. This method can provide a thorough and deep cleaning compared to surface cleaning methods.
  2. Allergen removal: Steam cleaning helps eliminate allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen from upholstery, improving indoor air quality and reducing allergy symptoms for sensitive individuals.
  3. Stain removal: Steam cleaning can effectively remove a wide range of stains, including food and beverage spills, pet stains, and more. The hot water and cleaning solution help break down and lift stains from the fabric fibers.
  4. Odor elimination: Steam cleaning can also help eliminate odors that may be trapped in the upholstery, such as pet odors, smoke smells, or food odors.
  5. Prolonged lifespan: Regular steam cleaning can extend the life of your upholstered furniture by removing dirt and debris that can contribute to fabric wear and tear over time.
  6. Eco-friendly: Steam cleaning is generally considered environmentally friendly because it uses hot water and cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment and do not rely on harsh chemicals.
  7. Health benefits: Clean upholstery can contribute to a healthier indoor environment by reducing the presence of allergens and contaminants, which can be especially beneficial for individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies.

Overall, upholstery steam cleaning is a highly effective and recommended method for maintaining the cleanliness, appearance, and longevity of your upholstered furniture while promoting a healthier indoor environment. It’s best to hire professional upholstery cleaners who have the experience and equipment needed to perform this task effectively and safely.

What type of Upholstery do we steam clean?

Upholstery steam cleaning can be used on a wide variety of upholstery materials and fabrics. However, it’s essential to determine the specific fabric type and condition before proceeding with steam cleaning, as some materials may be more sensitive or require special care. Here are common types of upholstery that can be steam cleaned:

  1. Synthetic Fabrics: Steam cleaning is generally suitable for synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic. These fabrics are durable and can withstand the heat and moisture used in the cleaning process.
  2. Natural Fabrics: Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool can also be steam cleaned, but they may be more sensitive to heat and moisture. It’s important to test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure there are no adverse effects.
  3. Microfiber: Microfiber upholstery is known for its stain resistance and can often be steam cleaned successfully. However, it’s essential to use the appropriate cleaning solution and follow manufacturer guidelines.
  4. Leather: Leather upholstery should not be steam cleaned, as it can be damaged by excessive moisture and heat. Instead, leather should be cleaned using specific leather cleaning products and methods recommended for leather care.
  5. Velvet: Velvet upholstery is delicate and can be easily damaged by water and heat. It’s generally not recommended to steam clean velvet; dry cleaning or professional upholstery cleaning methods may be more suitable.
  6. Silk and Delicate Fabrics: Delicate materials like silk and satin should not be steam cleaned due to the risk of water and heat damage. These fabrics typically require specialized dry cleaning methods.
  7. Suede: Suede upholstery should also avoid steam cleaning, as it can cause the material to become discolored or develop watermarks. Specialized suede cleaning methods are recommended.

Before steam cleaning any upholstery, it’s crucial to check the manufacturer’s care instructions and recommendations. Additionally, it’s a good idea to conduct a spot test on an inconspicuous area to ensure that the fabric can handle the steam cleaning process without adverse effects. When in doubt or dealing with delicate or high-value upholstery, it’s often best to consult with a professional upholstery cleaning service to determine the most appropriate cleaning method. They will have the expertise and equipment to handle different types of upholstery safely and effectively.

Why choose us for your upholstery steam cleaning needs?

Expertise and Experience

A professional upholstery steam cleaning service should have experienced technicians who are well-trained in the latest cleaning techniques and equipment. They can offer expertise in handling different types of upholstery fabrics and addressing specific cleaning challenges.

Quality Equipment

Reputable providers typically invest in high-quality steam cleaning equipment that can effectively remove dirt, stains, and allergens from upholstery.

Customized Solutions

A good service will assess the condition of your upholstery and provide tailored cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs, taking into consideration the fabric type and any stains or odors.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Many customers value services that use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and methods that are safe for their families and pets.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers can be a strong indicator of a company’s reliability and quality of service. Reading reviews can help potential customers gauge the satisfaction of others.

Transparent Pricing

Customers appreciate transparent and competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Providing upfront quotes or estimates is a good practice.

Insurance and Guarantees

A professional service should have appropriate insurance coverage to protect against any accidents or damage during the cleaning process. They may also offer satisfaction guarantees or warranties on their work.


Convenience factors such as flexible scheduling, punctuality, and the ability to work around your availability can make a service more appealing.

Licensed and Certified

Being licensed and certified in the industry can instill confidence in customers that the service provider is qualified and follows industry best practices.

Local Reputation

A strong local reputation and being a part of professional associations or networks within the cleaning industry can also be a positive sign.

When choosing a specific upholstery steam cleaning service, it’s essential to do your research, compare options, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or family if possible. You can also contact the service directly to ask questions about their process, pricing, and any guarantees they offer. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on your specific needs and preferences.


From enquiry to job completion

The Upholstery Steam Cleaning process typically involves several steps from the initial enquiry to the completion of the job. Here’s a general overview of how the process unfolds:

  1. Enquiry: The process begins when a potential client contacts us to inquire about our services. This can be done through various means such as phone calls, emails, or website contact forms. During the enquiry, we gather information about the client’s needs, including the type of upholstery, its size, any specific stains or concerns, and their desired service date.
  2. Assessment and Quotation: Based on the information provided during the enquiry, we assess the scope of the job. We may request additional details or schedule a visit to the location to inspect the upholstery in person. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate the condition of the surfaces or upholstery, identify any specific issues such as stains, dirt, or odors, and determine the appropriate steam cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions required. Once the assessment is complete, we prepare a quotation outlining the cost and terms of the service. The quotation is then sent to the client for review.
  3. Agreement and Scheduling: If the client is satisfied with the quotation, they confirm their agreement and schedule the upholstery steam cleaning service. This typically involves selecting a convenient date and time for the cleaning to take place. It’s important to consider factors such as the availability of our team, the drying time required for upholstery, and the client’s preferences when scheduling the job.
  4. Preparations: Prior to the scheduled cleaning, we communicate any necessary preparations to the client. This may include instructions such as moving furniture or objects from the area, ensuring access to water and power sources, and any other specific requirements for a smooth cleaning process. For upholstery cleaning, clients may need to remove cushions or other removable parts for better access. Clear communication helps both parties prepare adequately.
  5. Cleaning Process: On the agreed-upon date, our upholstery steam cleaning team arrives at the location with the necessary equipment, such as steam cleaners, steam cleaning wands, and suitable cleaning solutions. The team inspects the upholstery to identify any specific stains or areas of concern. They pre-treat stains or heavily soiled areas with appropriate cleaning solutions. Using the steam cleaner and a suitable attachment, they apply steam to the upholstery, effectively lifting dirt and stains. The steam cleaner simultaneously extracts the dirt and moisture, leaving the upholstery clean and relatively dry.
  6. Post-Cleaning Inspection: Once the cleaning is complete, our team inspects the upholstery to ensure it is clean and free of visible stains or residue. They may perform any necessary touch-ups or spot cleaning to achieve the desired results.
  7. Client Satisfaction and Payment: After the post-cleaning inspection, the client is given the opportunity to inspect the cleaned upholstery and provide feedback. If the client is satisfied with the results, they proceed to make the payment as per the agreed-upon terms. We offer various payment methods such as cash, check, credit card, or online transfer. We provide the client with a receipt or invoice for the services rendered which ensures clear documentation of the transaction.
  8. Job Completion and Follow-up: With the payment received, the upholstery steam cleaning job is considered complete. We may ask the client for a testimonial or review of the service to gather feedback. We may follow up with the client after a few days to ensure their continued satisfaction and address any additional concerns or questions. This demonstrates our commitment to customer service and can help foster long-term relationships with clients.

Tools of the trade

Upholstery steam cleaning requires specific tools and equipment to effectively clean and refresh upholstered furniture and fabrics. Here are some of the essential tools used for upholstery steam cleaning:

  1. Steam Cleaner: The heart of the upholstery steam cleaning process is the steam cleaner itself. It generates high-temperature steam, which is applied to the upholstery to break down dirt, stains, and contaminants. Steam cleaners come in various sizes and types, including handheld units for smaller jobs and larger, more powerful machines for professional use.
  2. Steam Cleaning Wand or Nozzle: This attachment is used with the steam cleaner to deliver the steam to the upholstery. It usually has a handle and a nozzle or brush attachment for precise control and effective cleaning.
  3. Upholstery Brushes: Upholstery brushes are used in conjunction with the steam cleaner to agitate the fabric and help loosen dirt and stains. They come in various shapes and sizes, including handheld brushes and larger brush attachments for use with steam cleaning wands.
  4. Extractor Tool: An extractor tool or attachment is used to simultaneously apply steam and extract moisture and loosened dirt from the upholstery. It typically has a vacuum function that helps remove the dirty water, leaving the upholstery relatively dry.
  5. Cleaning Solutions: Depending on the type of upholstery and the nature of the stains or contaminants, specific cleaning solutions or detergents may be used. These solutions are applied to the fabric before or during the steam cleaning process to enhance the cleaning power and help break down stains.
  6. Microfiber Cloths or Towels: These are used to blot or wipe the upholstery after steam cleaning to remove any remaining moisture or residue. They also help in achieving a streak-free and polished finish.
  7. Stain Removers: For stubborn stains or spots that do not respond well to steam cleaning alone, specialized stain removers may be used. These are applied before steam cleaning to target and treat specific stains.
  8. Protective Gear: Upholstery cleaning can involve exposure to cleaning solutions and dirt, so it’s essential to wear protective gear like gloves and safety glasses to ensure the operator’s safety.
  9. Extension Cords and Power Sources: Access to a power source is crucial for operating the steam cleaner. Extension cords may be required to reach certain areas, so it’s essential to have an adequate power supply.
  10. Spray Bottles: These are used to apply cleaning solutions or pre-treatment to the upholstery before steam cleaning. They can help distribute the solution evenly over the fabric.
  11. Measuring Cups: These are used to measure and mix cleaning solutions accurately, ensuring that the right concentration is used for effective cleaning.
  12. Scrapers or Spatulas: These tools can be helpful for removing solid debris or dried substances from the upholstery before steam cleaning.
  13. Furniture Movers: In some cases, it’s necessary to move furniture to access and clean upholstery properly. Furniture movers or sliders can help protect the floors and make furniture relocation easier.

Explore our range of professional-grade tools for upholstery steam cleaning and experience the ease and effectiveness they bring to your maintenance routine. Visit our website to find the perfect tools for your specific needs and enjoy the satisfaction of clean and well-maintained upholstery, safeguarding your property for years to come.

Upholstery steam cleaning is a method of cleaning and refreshing upholstered furniture and fabrics using high-temperature steam. It effectively removes dirt, stains, allergens, and contaminants from upholstery, leaving it clean and sanitized.

Upholstery steam cleaning is generally safe for a wide range of upholstery materials, including fabric, microfiber, and even some leather types. However, it’s essential to check the care instructions and manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific upholstery to ensure it can be safely steam cleaned.

The frequency of upholstery steam cleaning depends on usage and exposure to dirt and stains. Generally, it’s recommended to have upholstery professionally steam cleaned every 12 to 24 months. However, high-traffic areas or homes with pets and children may require more frequent cleaning.

Upholstery steam cleaning is safe for pets and children when performed correctly. Steam cleaning effectively removes allergens and bacteria from upholstery, providing a healthier living environment. However, it’s essential to allow the upholstery to dry completely before allowing pets or children to use it.

While upholstery steam cleaning is highly effective at removing many stains, some stubborn or set-in stains may require additional treatments or specialized stain removers. The success of stain removal depends on the type of stain and how long it has been present.

Drying time varies depending on factors like humidity, ventilation, and the type of upholstery. In general, upholstery may take anywhere from a few hours to a day to dry completely. To speed up the drying process, proper ventilation and air circulation are essential.

Yes, it’s advisable to vacuum or brush your upholstery before steam cleaning to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. This helps the steam cleaner focus on deep cleaning and ensures a more effective result.

Yes, some equipment rental companies offer steam cleaners for upholstery cleaning. However, it’s important to have the necessary knowledge and skills to use the equipment properly to avoid damaging your upholstery. Professional upholstery cleaning services often provide trained technicians with the right equipment and expertise.

While DIY upholstery steam cleaning is possible, hiring professionals is recommended for optimal results and to avoid potential damage. Professionals have the experience, equipment, and cleaning solutions necessary to effectively clean and protect your upholstery.

Upholstery steam cleaning can be an environmentally friendly option, especially when using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Steam cleaning relies on the power of high-temperature steam to clean, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and minimizing environmental impact.